Liquid Filling Machines

ROPP Capping Machines

On-line filled containers are fed and guided on the moving SS/Plastic slat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below Capping Head. The filled bottle moving in star wheel pick up cap from the cap chute and move under the Capping head for perfect ROPP Capping.

Technical Specifications:

Model VMS-45 (Semi Auto) VMS-60 VMS-80 VMS-100 VMS-150 VMS-200
No. of Heads 1 No. 1 No. 4 Nos. 6 Nos. 8 Nos. 12 Nos.
Output/Minute 20 to 40 bottles 30 to 60 Bottles 50 to 80 Bottles 60 to 120 Bottles 60 to 150 Bottles 60 to 200 Bottles
Input specifications  
Container Dia. 22mm to 60mm
Container Height 50mm to 180mm
Cap dia.   22mm, 25mm, 28mm and 32mm cap