Heavy Duty Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press GMP

It is a square model/double sided rotary tablet Press/ promising unmatched quality for medium batch Production. Safety/enhanced performance/clean ability And ease of operation is its most significant features.



Compact Design
The powder circulating bend fitted to the feed frame keeps the powder spilling to an absolute minimum. This is noteworthy since the machine is capable of compressing approximately 50,400 tablet per hour.

Drive Configuration
The turret is driven by a precise phosphorus-bronze worm Fitted to a bearing mounted worm shaft which is driven by A “V” belt and variable speed pulley mounted on the Motor shaft.

Cam Track Design
The Machine incorporates the latest cam track design having smooth cam angles. Smooth cam angles improve punch Travel / which in turn / facilitate tablet ejection and reduce punch head wear extended through lubrication of the cam tracks.

The tableting zone has been designed as per the stringent GMP norms. The main features of the tableting zone include;

  • Paint-free tableting area
  • Easy and thorough cleaning possible since most fittings are detachable
  • Dust traps reduced to a bare minimum
  • Overall cross contamination and cleaning time greatly reduced

Major controls and the one-shot lubrication system are easily accessed through the hinged front and rear panels. Since there are no moving parts in this area these are not interlocked, therefore adjustments can be carried out safely while the machine is in operation.

All major lubrication points are served by the one-shot lubrication system. Oil cups are provided wherever continuous lubrication is required.

Overload and Pressure Release
Effectively, the safety valve of the machine, this is fitted to the lower pressure roll. The overload pressure release should always be set to relieve the pressure with minimum effort consistent with the diameter and hardness of the tablets being made. Adjustments are easily made from the lower cabinet. Serious damage to both the machine and the punches can be prevented through proper use and maintenance of this system.

Motor Overload
Any appreciable motor overload that may occur due to tight punches etc. is indicated on an ammeter fitted to the control panel. The average amperage in normal running (tableting) condition is to be noted. Any increase in this average should be immediately investigated.

Technical Specifications

Tooling "D" "D" SPECIAL
No. of Station 16 Stn. 20 Stn. 12 Stn.
Operating Pressure 10 Ton 10 Ton 12 Ton
Max. Tablet Diameter 23 mm (25 mm on Demand) 23 mm (25 mm on Demand) 40 mm
Max. Depth of fill 20 mm 20 mm 30 mm
Output Tablets / Hr. * 14,400 to 40,300 18,000 to 50,400 10,800 & 15,840
Electric Motor 2 Hp / 960 RPM 2 Hp / 960 RPM 5 Hp / 1440 RPM
* Depending upon the characteristics of material, shape & size of tablets.