Liquid Filling Machines

Vial Cap Sealing Machines

Duly Stoppered vials are fed on the conveyor enter into the infeed star wheel which transfers it to center star wheel under sealing head. Aluminium caps kept in vibratory bowl automatically orient caps in right direction before entering the delivery chute. The Vial during its rotation movement in the infeed star wheel picks up aluminum seal from the retaining finger of delivery chute and correctly position for sealing enters into center star wheel under sealing head where free spinning sealing rollers moves gradually inside to complete the sealing operation during rotational movement of sealing head and sealed vials are then transferred to outfeed stawheel and move on conveyor belt for next operation.


Technical Specifications:

Model VMS-60 VMS-80 VMS-100 VMS-150
No. of Heads 1 No. 4 Nos. 6 Nos. 8 Nos.
Output/Minute 30 to 60 Vials 60 to 100 Vials 60 to 150 Vials 80 to 175 Vials
Input specifications  
Container Dia. 16mm to 52mm
Container Height 25mm to 110mm
Cap dia.   13mm and  20mm